About the exhibition
"Diagnopolis" International Exhibition

In 2023 The "Diagnopolis" exhibition will occupy an area of over 16,000 square meters and will confirm its status as a true metropolis with avenues, skyscrapers, squares, and recreation areas. 

The largest area of "Diagnopolis" will be the Laboratory City, consisting of equipment manufacturers and distributors specializing in laboratory diagnostics. 

A large cluster will consist of equipment manufacturers and distributors for radiological, ultrasound, and functional diagnostics. 

Every day, numerous master classes and presentations will take place at their stands. Visitors will be able to practice emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation on special mannequins, try out new minimally invasive ultrasound methods, hone their skills on joint and heart ultrasounds on phantoms, and of course, work personally on the most advanced devices. 

An entire quarter will be occupied by IT companies — developers of artificial intelligence and software solutions for medical organizations, who will showcase their brightest solutions.